on childhood friends

Recently, I had gotten in touch with a childhood friend after 8 years. We attended only one term of primary school together – I move around a lot; that would be around 10 weeks together. To the objective third person, that barely looks like enough to truly get to know people, but one thing I…

Accepting Critiques – A guide for writers on writing and critique sites

You pour every drop of love into the written piece. It will charm, inspire, provoke thought, and more. But when you publish it online – on a critique group or site for aspiring writers – you receive a comment that reads like one of the following: SkaterGurl89: I admit to cringing at the phrase ‘petal-covered agony.’…

So Here Are My Dreams

So here are my dreams laid out for the world to see. Here is the absence of the weight of expectations, of the practicality of them, and simply dreaming for the sake of dreaming. Dreaming big is terrifying; dreaming small is imprisoning.

Your Australian Photography Directory | Find Professional Photographers With Ease

Photographers.com.au is a simple concept: browse high-quality, user-rated Australian photographers in your area that specialise in the type of photo you want. But even simple things can be hard to find. Photography can be an intimate experience. Factors such as having chemistry with your photographers, ease of communication to have changes made, and professionalism are…

The Ration Challenge: End

And finally, my thoughts for the conclusion of the Ration Challenge. Filled with gratitude –but I’m mostly salivating over the plate of fresh, luscious greenery– I realised that… I am incapable of fully encapsulated the daily suffering of refugees. 

The Ration Challenge: Middle

Incredibly overdue post, but I’d written the relevant points in dot point form. The following outline my thoughts in the middle of the Ration Challenge; specifically, from Days 3-5, where I began straying from my previous path of sorrow, towards gratitude. 

The Ration Challenge: Beginning

I severely underestimated my energy levels during the mix of Ramadan and The Ration Challenge. Rather than posting daily about my progress, I hope to report in three distinct instalments: Beginning Middle End

The Ration Challenge: Preamble

It’s official. Tomorrow morning, we take a journey, dear reader, through the daily eating routines of refugees as instigated by Act for Peace! For more context, have a look at the preceding post here. But to share a few thoughts…

Eating Like A Refugee | The Ration Challenge

Apathy is easy. We can dismiss critical, life-staking global issues such as the refugee crisis… simply because they don’t directly concern us. Regardless of our moral consciousness, we are all guilty of apathy in some form or another. But I have a challenge for you: I challenge you to care.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

If I had to write a blog-post perfectly… I’d simply not blog at all. – someone else probably said it first, but… (Ramisa Raya, 2016) How many incomplete, scrapped first-drafts do I have buried in my dashboard? How many blog-posts end with”Hello I am–” [DELETE]? While these are rhetorical questions… if your answer is “Too many…

FREE button for your blog!

Recently, I was inspired by the amazing Kaye @ Beautiful Kayekie to develop my own buttons by graphic designing. Her Bloglovin buttons are spectacularly pretty, and I wanted to create something comparable to its beauty.

Free High Resolution Stock Photos — An Invaluable Resource

An extremely short post, as these images evidently speak for themselves. Discovered on this lovely blog, I am astounded by the sheer quality in Upsplash‘s photography collection offers. Their license? All photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes,…