Moved to Tears by “The Artist” (2011)

Exactly two minutes I ago, I’d finished watching “The Artist” –a black-and-white silent film unconventionally created in 2011. Magnificent is an understatement. Also, that movie made me incredibly happy –the characters, their charms and the entire optimistic premise… it’s inevitably my new favourite film of all-time.

The Artist is a romantic-comedy/drama set during the “Silent Era” (1920’s), where the Hollywood film industry produced silent films, and shows progression towards the development of film with audio. In a nutshell: a renowned silent “artist” descends from fame as times, audiences and demands changes… but he remains the same. While that sounds daunting, the actual execution is light-hearted –with the exception of a few intense moments– charming, and aww-inducing (the sophistication of my language has deteriorated. Yes, that  was symbolism; this movie has made me fumble for words).

There’s extremely little I can offer, except that anyone in search for a dramatic, light-hearted movie should definitely look into this one. Plot-wise, it’s quite simple; the complexity and beauty comes from the actors, their expressions, and the progression of the movie itself.

To further convince you, here are some lovely pictures from the film:

Such a happy movie. Please add this to your to-watch list! ❤ It actually moved me to tears. 

This is one of my shorter posts, but I needed to express my love for this movie.

(On an unrelated note, I rewatched aspects of my previous favourite film of all time, Teenage Dirtbag,  and it was no longer as charming as my eighth grade self found it. When you revisit things that meant either nothing or something to you, but feel oppositely to your past emotions, you have grown). 🙂



5 Comments Add yours

  1. unbolt says:

    Thank you, Ramisa ❤

  2. Nice review. We’ve been intending to watch it when it comes to cable — or Netflix — or Amazon Prime. It hasn’t yet, but it is definitely on our list. We too find that many beloved movies of our youth don’t play well to our older selves. Clearly we have changed … and of course the movies (and books too) have not. It’s interesting to see our own metamorphosis through movies and books. Nice piece and thanks for participating!

  3. It is a truly brilliant film. Really special and unique 🙂

    1. RamisaR says:

      Ahh, I’m so happy to find a fan ❤

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