Black Lives Matter

Nathan Zed is one of my favourite YouTubers for his comedic skits, and not least for this balanced response to the Black Lives Matter movement. He mirrors my own thoughts: I hope this stays a trend with long-lasting impacts, rather than a fleeting spurt of FOMO.

There is an upsurge of people who I have witnessed not care about this movement, suddenly begin to care. I want to believe that it comes from a place of information and self-realisation. But I have observed, too, how reluctant they are to discuss the intricacies of this issue.


  • how there are stark parallels between the treatment of African Americans and our own First Nations people. In the Northern Territory, an Indigenous boy was brutally attacked in prison. The story spread like wildfire, but now there is only a sliver of smoke.
  • the micro-aggressions towards the African American community on daily basis that is not independent to police brutality. I am of the opinion that even sharing a preference of ‘I’m not into black woman’ is never personal preference, but layered with social conditioning of beauty and otherness
  • how this is not the beginning nor the end.

Showing up to a protest. Changing your Instagram picture to a black icon. Adding the #BlackLiveMatters hashtag to your bio. They are all methods of solidarity and important, but this is only the beginning of the complexities of racial politics and violence, and nowhere near the end.

As Nathan says best: …For some people who are going to be done after this week and never have to think about black people again until the next time it blows up. Some of you guys can do that, and the rest of us are still going to be black.

A penny for your thoughts

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