To Masters?

The strangest email came into my inbox this fine morning: an invitation by my university offering a 100% full-fee scholarship for one of their legal technology certificates, based upon my academic merit for my Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree upon graduating.

It sounded like an excellent opportunity, so I accepted the terms and conditions if there were any scholarship spots leftover. But if anything else, the email made me realise just how much I love… studying.

I think I’m going to be one of those lifelong learner gurus, head deep in some research paper and a cup of freshly brewed Assam tea on my side. But in the midst of the pandemic, where my family is already so fearful about me venturing outdoors, maybe pursuing higher education at this moment is the best pathway.

You know that feeling where you are in your element? Where time just flies by, but you are so absorbed and engaged by your current task that you don’t notice? That’s me when I am writing papers. Or writing in general.

So the Higher Degree education was bound to be part of my academic journey somewhere inshAllah: I just didn’t think it would be now. But in that line of thought… why not now?

I am still thinking about where to go next but:

  • I’m enquiring into ANU’s Masters of Laws program to see if their LLM can be completed online — if so, maybe this is the opportunity to seize when I don’t have to fly over to Canberra to complete the intensives;
  • I have enrolled into three Macquarie Arts units — Creative Writing, Theories of Modernity and Gendered Crime and Violence. I may pursue all three, or none at all.
  • Something I will do for sure inshAllah: commencing my Practical Legal Training this August. Upon completion, I want to undertake the Bar Practice Course and retain the practicing certificate for that.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ahkam says:

    Hope you’re able to make the right choice, one that you feel is best for you!

    1. RamisaR says:


      1. Ahkam says:

        I’VE BEEN FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG FOR AGES! Finally chose to come out, red cape and all

      2. RamisaR says:

        when he follows ur niche out-of-focus blog for years but still can’t reply to ur DM from yesterday lol 🙂

        (obligatory tag: @Wei)

      3. RamisaR says:

        JKSJKSJKS ❤ you can sprinkle some pepper on me to balance the salt UWU

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