I accepted the scholarship!

In my last post, I spoke about a scholarship opportunity to undertake a new and innovative graduate certificate. Excited to announce that I have accepted and the offer is confirmed!

You are looking at the latest starry-eyed student of QUT’s Graduate Certificate of Future Legal Technologies. Received an academic merit scholarship to the value of $18,200 AUD (wow, QUT is so generous <3) If you were to ask me if I had ever envisioned myself taking a certificate in legal tech, even just two days before receiving the scholarship offer, I would have probably looked at you in confusion.

I did anticipate doing a Masters of Laws at ANU with maaaybe an unit on Legal Entrapenurship (since I loved/did quite well in an assignment exploring legal black boxes and the ethical implications in the Legal Capstone unit). But I wouldn’t think to make it a focus; yet, it makes so much sense.

Access to justice and pro bono services (the area that I wish to specialise in) is and will change so drastically in response to emerging technology. By learning data analysis, legal design-thinking, automation, blockchains and other emerging technology, we can really revolutionise the way not-for-profit conduct their work and expand their reach (and the effectiveness of the solutions).

Speaking of generosity, QUT has also given me a $300 bursary as part of their experiential development program to complete a six-week course with KARAMAH: Muslim Lawyers for Human Rights. It’s USA-based and teaches Muslim women about Islamic jurisprudence, law, and gender equity within the Qu’ran. I have only watched one of the recordings so far, but it’s incredible: I’ve learnt so much about how verses are interpreted in certain lights to favour patriarchal explanations, but which the verses do not actually suggest. Where the realm of Islamic scholarship has belonged almost exclusively to men, I must say, it’s uncomfortable to see alternative interpretations that do not denounce women. But this is because women didn’t have a voice in this scholarship until perhaps the past century; and like all cultural shifts, it is/will be uncomfortable.

The way of the interpretations at KARAMAH, however, give me that sense of relief after learning something so fundamentally just (as Nouman Ali Khan once expressed should happen when you read Allah’s book; because Allah is the most merciful and just).

Final update because I get so giddy and excited about learning things I love: I’m taking three arts units and I feel like myself again. One in English, one in sociology, and one in philosophy – the exciting dopamine-striking combo. Creative writing, practical ethics (looking at how ethics works in applied situations) and gender and violence theories. I really love Macquarie University units; they are so well-structured and taught. The professors really do love what they are teaching, too.

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