“Smoke” by Daughter [Music Blogging Challenge (#3)]

It is January the 15th. I excitedly kick off my blankets, fumble a cup of tea, and jab headphones to listen to Daughter’s new album, Not to Disappear. While the scripture of their lyrics have altered substantially –Elena’s metaphorical eloquence is instead traded for rawness and uncensorship– their trademark sound have remained same.

And they are still brilliant.

For more insight into this album, you can observe their emotional music videos 1. Doing the Right Thing 2. Numbers.

To celebrate this album release of my favourite band, the indie-folk Daughter (click here for an introductory post), I’ve decided to focus Day 3 of the Music Blogging Challenge on their haunting song, Smoke.

A free-form, poetic & minimalist interpretation of what I consider the “saddest” song, for it addresses the darkest –potentially universal– fears of humanity, and succumbs to an eventual defeat.


In a smoke filled room
With your father watching me
There’s three doors and no keys
It’s rising, it’s choking me

In a smoke filled room
In a smoke filled room

There’s a man with no face
Just a blurred out portrait
In a photo frame
I’m losing again, I’m losing my friend
He’s face down on the pavement

Then a woman, she screams
It’s a terrible night
As the mood changes to dark from light
Tell the doctor what’s become of me
So you can analyse, analyse my dreams
Of a smoke filled room
Of a smoke filled room

And then we kiss and his lips turn into sand
And the whole of him cascades through my hands
Making a castle on the floor
Then I’m alone again
No keys and three doors
And a smoke filled room

Now we’re both in the room
And we’re breathing the fumes
No doors this time, just a gap in the roof
Life floods in, heaven, we’re blind
And slowly suffocating, we’re dying

In a smoke filled room
We’re dying in a smoke filled room
We’re dying in a smoke filled room
(In a smoke filled room)

In a smoke filled room
In a smoke filled room
In a smoke filled room



[1] http://godtalk.ca/gateways-body-soul-spirit/

[2] http://dreamstop.com/sand-dream-symbol/



  1. Your favourite song.
  2. A song which triggers a very strong emotion.
  3. The song with the most beautiful lyrics.
  4. Your opinion on what is the most depressing song.



10 Comments Add yours

  1. Ana Kathleen says:

    Oh my, I was very enlightened to see that someone mentioned this song in a blog to share to the world. This has to be my absolute favorite song by Daughter and it breaks my heart to not be able to buy it anywhere or even download the sheet music to perform for myself. Thank you for sharing this song, thank you so much.

    1. RamisaR says:

      You are so welcome, Ana! I’m very sorry you are unable to buy both the song and the sheet music 😦
      I highly recommend you have a look at iTunes’ store for the “If You Leave” album, as this song should come up 🙂

  2. ceyeh96 says:

    Hey, thanks for making a pingback to my blog post.

  3. dennyho says:

    Have not heard of Daughter before reading this post. Thanks for the introduction to their music.

  4. ceyeh96 says:

    Thank you for giving a link to my post!

  5. Zenultima says:

    Thank you for the pingback!

  6. Very dusky and smooth tunes 🙂

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